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  • General Rules.png

    • Do not use any kind of Racist Homophobic or Discriminatory comments.
    • No Spamming in ANY chat.
    • No Advertising of any kind.
    • No using Unsuitable Names.
    • No Stealing of any kind.
    • Don't ask admins for simple things like teleportation and or items.
    • Respect staff and other players.
    • Absolutely no PVP
    • Don't be toxic we don't want any negativity here we strive to be a friendly group if a fellow survivor needs help please do so if possible
    • Speak English in global chat only
    • You must stay within side the the maps edge anyone found outside it will be removed from the server. 

    Trader Rules.png

    • No Destruction in any trader zone (Safe Zone)
    • No Ramming other players/vehicles.
    • No Stealing of ANY kind.
    • No selling vehicles that are not yours.
    • Do not get into other players vehicles for any reason.
    • Trolling or griefing others in traders will result in a ban.
    • Do not leave any vehicles parked at trader safe zones 800m (locked or unlocked they will be deleted)

    Vehicle Rules.png

    • Store your cars in a garage before you stop playing on the server.
    • No destruction of any vehicle that is locked by a player.
    • Don't steal anyone's vehicle If you are unsure if its a players vehicle leave it.
    • Use any vehicles at your own risk no compensation will be giving out even if its a server fault.
    • If you crash or get your car stuck it is up to you the player to fix the situation staff will only help if its a server issue.

    Building Rules.png

    • You must register your base on the website.
    • Don't hoard items in your base.
    • Base raiding is NOT allowed.
    • Base takeovers are NOT allowed.
    • Stealing from bases is NOT allowed.
    • Maximum of 6 grow pots or 3 Green Houses or 3 Garden Plots
    • Maximum of 7 storage boxes or Tents (Storage is anything that holds loot/item) (Per base)
    • Don't build in on or around any Garages, Police Stations, Gas Stations, Hospitals, Churches, Convenience Shops/Supermarkets  (300m)
    • You can not build within 1500m from Any Trader.
    • You can not build within 500m from Any Dealer.
    • Don't build 150M from other peoples bases.
    • Only one base per person/group is allowed you cant have multiple bases.
    • Do not build a base at mission areas if a base is found by an admin it will deleted with no warning
    • You can NOT build within 1000m from any military Bases. These have Barrack buildings or 4 or more Tents.
    • You can NOT build within 300m from a Military Checkpoint. These are just Tents. if there is more than 4 tents it classes as a Military Base.
    • Don't build on the coast / Beach.
    • Do not build on ANY road.

    Registered Group Base Rules

    • Must have 4+ people to be considered to have a Registered Group.
    • You must register your Registered group base on the website and be approved by staff
    • Each Registered group member can have a maximum of 4 storage boxes (anything that holds loot).
    • Maximum of 6 grow pots or 3 Green Houses or 3 Garden Plots (Per Registered Group Base)

    Mission Rules.png

    • You must claim a mission in chat for it to be yours.
    • You must be within the mission zone to claim a mission.
    • When a mission has been started by someone (Claimed) Do NOT interfere unless the person who has claimed it asks for help.
    • When a mission has ended ask person who has claimed it if you can loot.
    • Do not build a base at mission areas if a base is found by an admin it will deleted with no warning.


    • If you notice a glitch and don't report it don't be surprised when you lose what you gained If you are playing or associating with a hacker and are reported / found You will also get punished.
    • Glitching in to any base that is not normally inaccessible is NOT allowed. A glitch is ANYTHING that SHOULD NOT happen but does Walking and looking through walls is a form of glitching.
    • Glitching Will get you banned.
    • Exploiting Will get you banned.
    • Duping Will get you banned.
    • It is still exploiting if you buy low from traders and sell for high.
    • No loot cycling any player found will receive a timed ban.
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