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  • These guidelines are here to protect those who post just as much as they are designed to assist those who moderate. By posting here, you agree to abide by these guidelines.


    • Vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene usernames will result in a ban.
    • Advertising via username will result in your name being changed.
    • Impersonating Staff, popular trademarks, or other misleading names is forbidden.
    • Nude or sexualized profile photos, profile cover photos, and signatures are forbidden.


    • This is an English-speaking forum. Use a translator or your post will be removed.
    • Familiarise yourself with the board. Posting in the correct forums will provide you with more timely replies. Please take a moment to search for a solution to your problem before posting a support topic.
    • Please use descriptive topic titles. Topics like "Help!", "Look", or "Error" are not acceptable and will be removed.
    • Think of the human. If you're giving criticism, try to be as constructive as possible and be respectful. Flaming will not be tolerated.
    • If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it. Do not create a duplicate topic.
    • This includes one-word responses or "welcome" posts in intro topics.
    • When posting a lengthy amount of code, don't just wrap it in Code tags, wrap the code and the Code tags in Spoiler tags. This prevents having to scroll endlessly to move past the code when viewing a topic.


    • Do NOT send unsolicited support requests to other users or Staff. This includes content that is sexual in nature, solicitation of funds, unsolicited advertising of your site or services, as well as support, product, or service requests. Failure to comply may result in PM and/or account suspensions. This includes asking for support via Discord outside of the intended #support channel.
    • We are not a "hacking" community. Discussions of how or encouragement to "hack" (DDOS, etc) will result in suspension(s).
    • You may not use our service(s) as a means to create, promote, or otherwise facilitate websites or communities that are similar in nature.
    • While we want to inspire creativity and promote freedom on the internet, we do not provide support for websites that are pornographic in nature.
    • Any content that involves vulnerabilities, compromises their account, or exposes end-users to potentially malicious code is not permitted here.
    • Status updates are not to be used for requesting support, complaining about other users or Staff, or for advertisements of your site, services, or needs.
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