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  • General Rules.png

    • Do not use any kind of Racist, Homophobic, or Discriminatory comments.
    • No voice in side chat.
    • No Spamming in ANY chat.
    • No Advertising of any kind.
    • No using Unsuitable Names.
    • English only in side chat.
    • No Stealing of any kind.
    • Don't ask admins for simple things, like teleportation and or items.
    • Respect staff and other players.
    • If you come across a players body, Don't interfere with it meaning taking money/loot or burying the body.

    Mission Rules.png

    • When a mission has been claimed by someone, Do NOT interfere unless the person who has claimed it asks for help.
    • If you die at a mission you will have 15 minutes to return to the mission before it is unclaimed, If you don't make it back and someone else claims the mission, you are allowed to enter the zone claim your body then leave right away.
    • To claim a mission to be yours you must first enter the zone the auto claim will mark the zone as yours. You can not simply mark with your own marker with claimed
    • If your base is with in a mission zone you are allowed to enter the zone to go to your base You must not interfere with their mission AT ALL.
    • Vehicles damaged if a mission spawns on or near their base/vehicle Will not have any admins repair or replace any lost vehicles.
    • You can only claim 1 mission at anytime.

    Trader Rules.png

    • No Destruction in any trader zone (Safe Zone)
    • No Ramming other players/vehicles.
    • No Stealing of ANY kind.
    • No selling vehicles that are not yours.
    • Do not get into other players vehicles for any reason.
    • Trolling or griefing others in traders will result in a ban.
    • The owner of a vehicle is determined by the last driver & who has the key.
    • If you pack a bike or mozzie that is not yours or take off it them you will be punished for trolling.
    • Locking anyone inside a vehicle in a trader zone is griefing.
    • Leave other players alone. If you're told to move away from someone or their vehicles.
    • Buying / Selling items to or from a trader that both players dont have access to.

    Vehicle Rules.png

    • No destruction of any vehicle that is locked by a player.
    • Don't leave vehicles with in any traders (It will be teleported and unlocked).
    • Don't steal anyone's vehicle, If you are unsure if its a players vehicle.
    • Check the inventory if there is loot then its a players vehicle.
    • You can only Tow 1 vehicle at anytime.
    • Don't leave your vehicles around any traders they will be teleported away this applies to both players and staff.
    • As people are not willing to help the server out in the way of storing their vehicles in virtual garage. We are now limiting base vehicles to 1 per person at their base.
    • Dont Tow/Lift any planes/helis with ANY vehicle.

    Building Rules.png

    • Plot poles are required for any base building.
    • Do not hide your plot pole. You need to access it to maintain it.
    • You can not build within 1km from any trader zone.
    • No Sky bases. Must be accessible by ground.
    • Base height limit is 300m off the ground.
    • Base raiding is NOT allowed.
    • Base takeovers is NOT allowed.
    • Stealing from bases is NOT allowed.


    • If you notice a glitch and don't report it, don't be surprised when you lose what you gained If you are playing or associating with a hacker and are reported / found, You will also get punished.
    • Glitching in to any base that is not normally inaccessible is NOT allowed. A glitch is ANYTHING that SHOULD NOT happen but does, Walking and looking through walls is a form of glitching.
    • Glitching Will get you banned.
    • Exploiting Will get you banned.
    • Duping Will get you banned.
    • It is still exploiting if you buy low from traders and sell for high.
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